Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Project Begins

The Hartanov House is about to break ground. The Hartanov House is the first project that will be done from start to finish with my wife. We will beginning regular blog post through out the building process. Check back soon but for now enjoy the picture of what is coming to north Spokane. Follow my wifes blog from this link.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Sale

Well we finally made it. The Remodel is complete and now our weekends are free once again. Thanks to all those who helped along the process. A special shot out to my Dad and Hartanov Fuller for the lending of tools, skills and knowledge. Also to Eric Smith for making the trip to finish the basement. Now that we are done give us a call and we can now hang out with out excuse of a home project.
All the best,
Tyler and Lisa

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thursday, June 7, 2007


This one is for colin and emily.

this old spots

There was a time when it was just too hot to work inside so i decide to build a garden. This is my first shot at growing so we will see what becomes of my attempt. Another spot to hang out when the weather is warm is on the proch which is my favorite spot of the house. Other hight lights have been the yard. I am going for the jungle look letting grow long like the hair I once had. Like any good spokane resident I felt the pressure to buy a truck although not as fancy as sum it gets the job done in the only way a key lime green truck can do. Stay tooned for some more updates.

This old House....Living room

The plaster walls were cracked and the texture looked as if some one has used it for Kleenex. As much as I tried to live with the walls I just could not do it. So I began the long process that put four layer of drywall mud over the texture and made my walls look like a cool stick of butter. And it only took me a month I still do not know how I lived there while I was working on this room. A thank you goes out to Lisa for her support through this phase of project I appreciate the meals and clean place to hang out.

This Old

The last picture of the previous post was the kitchen when I purchased the house. As you can tell there was not much there to use but with a little creative vision I set up a kitchen that would work while I live in the house. A side affect was acquiring a taste for drywall dust.